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Hi Jane, I’ve had two ‘stainless’ metal cages so far and although the overall quality of both was good, still it seems they get a bit rusty after a while. I was wondering if you experience the same with the tight squeeze or the arc. I’m looking for a second cage that is stainless as I know that my wife is a bit worried about the rust. Thanks, Shavvy

We really haven’t had much of a problem with rust, although I doubt it’s very problematic. But I guess it does indicate it’s not good quality steel. Have a look at our recommended cages page, the company we recommend (Toys for naughty boys) there are really good and we’ve loved all the stuff from there…

Does your hubby enjoy anal play (receiving end)? I’m considering surprising my hubby with a butt plug, but I’m not sure how it’ll go while he’s caged.

It goes really well! Unlike us, men actually have the prostate up there and so with some practise, most of them can even cum from the right stimulation up their bum!  You have to get one that fits well though. Not too thin or it feels like it’s slipping out all the time. We have…

Just got this amazing offer through from Lovehoney (only US I think)

Free Couples Sex Toy Kit

A vibrator, plug, vibrating cock ring, bondage tape, rope, paddle and blindfold was pretty damn good value for $70 but to get all that free is CRAZY.

These kind of things tend to run out of stock fast so don’t miss out (and remember you get a year to return anything for a full refund so you can’t really go wrong…)

So we recently started with silicon plugs (roll play from love honey) because the metal ones got too uncomfortable after some time. But now we got the problem that the silicon ones “smell” after wearing it for a while, even washing it with soap and water doesn’t help. Do you have any tips what to do?

I do! We had the same issue and hubby found the answer.  What happens is good quality silicone toys actually leak a little silicone oil – it’s part of why they feel so smooth, but that can pick up scents. Water and soap don’t affect the silicone oil, it’s waterproof – which is why it’s…