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He just couldn’t stop looking at the cute girls at the pool, so I made him show them just why it was okay to flirt and tease him as much as they wanted.



Taylor Swift

Little known fact, each of the shiny sequins on her outfit is actually a melted down key of her chastity slaves. Hundreds of horny boys now permanently locked, worth it to rock that look.

lol love that ‘fact’

At the entrance to the Locktoberfest festival, the well trained Schlüsselhalters (keyholders) would measure each of the men, and cage all those who fell below the high standards they set. Any men big enough to not be caged got a very special welcome! All the rest just had to look on.

So hubby, I’m intrigued… who would you choose?

Ohh, so that’s how Dany got to control the Kingdom of Westeros

Hubby found a site with lots of captions I’d not seen before so I hope you’re enjoying them!

This is kind of genius!