Month: September 2015

Okay so I’m not really into the whole cuckold or sissy or forced bi thing at all, but I love this dilemma! lol

Exciting to hear that you’re experimenting with longer periods of chastity now! So how many days has it been – and what’s the longest you’ve tried? Love the blog – you’re a great writer!

Aww thank you! I really do appreciate that. I write these really fast (I talk really fast too lol) so excuse any mistakes! We started last Saturday, so that would make today day 11 I guess (maths is not my strong point 😛 ) And yes this is the longest ever for us. We use…

This reminded me of a fun thing we do which is browse or shop for sexy outfits, nightwear and lingerie when he’s caged or being edged.

I love corsets so  Corset Story is a favourite but they don’t have models wearing the clothes so not so great as a tease but it means he has to imagine me in them 😛

Lovehoney is our favourite toy store but they also have a great lingerie and sexy costumes area. They aren’t super classy but good for kinky stuff is better for classy lingerie

Bluebella is lovely too, with some beautiful things. is totally ridiculous with outfits and tiny dresses and costumes – Oh I wish I still fitted most of them, but hot to look at and get ideas

Love this!