Month: June 2016

Hey! love ur blog. I wanted to ask, is it safe physically and medically to have a cage. i mean what happens when cock tries to expand inside a cage, wont it break?

The cage or the cock? And no, neither should break, unless you buy a crappy knock off CB-6000 from China which will split and give you the most painful pinch you can imagine in the middle of the night (trust me, the screams woke me…). And while I’m not a doctor, no, I don’t think…

Wow, this video is amazing.

Hmm, my garden table has a hole in the middle… I wonder if the neighbours would notice?

Nice ruin compilation, my current favourite thing (I think the fact I’m writing a new story about ruins is to blame!)


If you can last one week in chastity, you can last one month.