Month: January 2016



the story of A: new years, new session
1 minutes pour se masturber, avec les points. mon soumis croyait prendre du plaisir. Ca ne sert a rien sauf le frustrer encore un peu plus

the story of A: new years, new session
1 minutes to masturbate with his points. My sub’ believed to have ejaculate. It is useless except frustrate a little more

Poor guy….

Oh this is inspiring. Don’t really need the silly gloves, just the challenge of going from nothing to cumming in one minute is enough I’d have thought? Maybe start on 30 seconds and build up, 40 seconds the next week if he fails… lol

So hubby’s been in his cage a lot recenlty, and I’ve been taking full advantage – I’ve decided when he’s caged I should be cumming every day. Haven’t quite managed it but doing pretty well.

It’s still a big leap for me to get into that mindset but pictures like this help remind me just how great the benefits of all this are!


Prettify Slave Man’s Penis

Phallic Beautification Xrenderer In some Femdom relationships, the male surrenders control of his penis. Mistress uses it, or sometime more aptly, does not use it according to her philosophy of male submission.

Wow, that’s absolutely amazing! I’ve never seen anything like that.
For some reason it makes me imagine some fantasy scenario where all men are measured at 18, and if their cock doesn’t reach their tummy button, they are pierced like this, their cock’s reduced to decorative items.
I guess it would make peeing a bit tricky though… oh I’m rubbish at fantasy!

He’s a pass.

Quite the set of images! Of course, no real need to keep stroking once you take him over the edge. Better to just let him focus on pumping all that cum out without the distraction of it feeling too nice. You’re going to have to do it again, and again, to really drain him dry anyway.