Month: October 2015

What are the psychological effects of a man being caged? I mean, I’ve read it makes a man more considerate and obedient. But what about outside the bedroom? It seems like it’d be a generally mind-altering experience. Could it improve other areas? Has he had changes at work? Interacting with others?

Thank you for a lovely question, and very pertinent at the moment. We’ve been following the Locktober programme pretty closely, I’m am writing it after all, I’m obliged! And as you’ll probably know we’re relatively new to the whole caging thing, just starting this year, and this is by far the most intense experience with…


Lie beside each other in bed and masturbate yourself while he strokes his cock with a well lubed fleshlight. As you both get close to cumming he must slow down, but you can bring yourself to as many orgasms as you want. He can only admire your pleasure and wish it was his own. When you are done he must stop stroking, without cumming of course.

I thought this was sexy although that fleshlight is really freaky looking. There are much nice male toys than that!