Locktober Day 12

Daringly romantic

So, weekend again on my schedule and that means tonight a bit of date night feel to it.

A bit of prep required for this one, try to either agree to go out for a meal or get a takeaway delivered that you can eat together – I suggest something a bit more romantic than a pizza though! Chinese or whatever you like, but eat it at a table, some wine, try some music, some nice lighting, and just enjoy each other’s company.

That’s not all the prep. I want you to wear a dress or skirt, and no panties! You’re to try and keep this secret until a fun moment if it’s not something you usually do. I like doing it most when he’s drinking something… lol ‘I’m not wearing any panties’ often makes him pour it down his chin he he

The other option is save that information for later… Also, you can try spicing it up, if you have stockings, try those instead of tights, that is always hot. If you used to shave your mound but haven’t done that for a long time, then maybe tonight’s the night!

Because yes, the plan your caged hubby is going to spend a good part of the evening down there!

Move from the table to the sofa, put on a movie, and within the first few minutes, put a cushion on the floor between your legs and tell him you want him down there. Then spread your legs and enjoy the movie as your lucky man kneels between your legs and shows you how much he loves you.

Let him up every so often, you can undo his pants and play with his cage and balls, or just kiss, but I encourage you to try the line, ‘Honey I’d like another orgasm at least twice more during the film. If his tongue is worn out or he can’t kneel that long, let him use his hand, or lie in your lap or use a vibe or whatever. But slow, intimate masturbation of you as you  watch the movie is tonight’s task.

Then, take it to bed and ideally cum again at his hands or mouth. Do whatever you fancy, but try and enjoy his caged cock by playing with it or grinding on it. Can I just add, if you’ve been following this and really enjoying trying new things, then maybe tonight, if you have never let him try licking your asshole, you get brave and let him, or at least ask, ‘So honey, what do you think of the idea of licking my ass?’. What he probably wants to hear is, ‘Go and lick my asshole’ just FYI, it’s way hotter I’m told lol. I was never attracted by the idea until I let him do it and OMG it’s the sexiest, most intimate, and definitely kinky thing. So dare yourself to tell him you want to try it, and endure it for at least 20 seconds,and I’ll bet you’ll find you love it – he will!

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