Locktober Day 8

Plugged and pleasured…

So, as warned, this is your man’s last day of ‘freedom’ from the cage. Hopefully a week in he’s really starting to feel the burn, getting that blue ball ache and is horny for you all the time. Perfect.

After he gets locked up tonight he won’t be coming out for seven days!

Of course being in the cage for the week doesn’t mean no stimulation, no no that would be boring! So tonight we are exploring one of the main pleasure areas besides the cock, so he’s more ready for it once locked up. His bottom!

If you’ve got some experience in anal play and he’s home during the day or when he gets home you might want to get him to wear the plug (or for real pros, even wear it to work!). Let him prepare himself and put it in that first time, and then I suggest you make your freshly plugged man eat your pussy!

However most of the fun is going to happen in the evening. After a thorough shower and butt wash, snuggle up with a couple of drinks (booze is lube for the mind!), and unlock and begin to play with him, and then talk through what anal means for him. You may discover he’s experimented quite a lot, alternatively you may find he is very worried about it ‘being gay’. Take the chance to talk anything through and emphasise that it’s just another way to give him pleasure and turn him on, and he’s very lucky to have the prostate gland up there that can actually feel amazing (something we don’t).

Start to play with his cock harder and add the fact that you like the idea of him being plugged for you as he’s got used to the cage now and this is another reminder that he’s your denied slut now lol 

Now, keep stimulating him and begin to reach down and rub his perineum (the gap between his balls and arse) and then the entrance to his bum. Lots of lube, lots of rubbing, and then begin to push a finger in as you play. If you want to you can slip a condom over your finger, some might even like the rubber glove medical look! Get him to describe how it feels all the time. He needs to be relaxed and enjoying himself for it to feel good.

Now, if’ you’ve got one, grab the butt plug and start to use it instead of your finger, playing around the entrance then into him with again more lube. The magic moment is when he’s stretched open with it and then his bum sucks it up and it settle into place.

This is why you NEVER use anything without a flanged base for this kind of play, or you’ll end up with a very embarrassing trip to the hospital!

Depending on the plug design you can fuck it in and out all the way or just smaller depths, whatever feels best really. Once the plug is in it might be a good opportunity to get him down on his knees eating your pussy and you can judge if it helps his performance!

If he’s really getting into this you might want to upgrade the plug to a dildo. You could get him to do it at this point if you wish, or try it yourself. Just be careful, you do NOT want to make him cum, and that’s very possible. So just go slow and don’t be too enthusiastic, this is just training!

If you want, finish with an edge or two and leave the plug in him longer or even overnight! 

Make sure you do the recaging, and remind him that he’s not getting out of the cage for seven days. Make him say thank you for the amazing experience you’re giving him and perhaps talk about what you’ve liked most so far, and what you think the strict caging will be like for the next week.

Some tips: you can add a condom to the butt plug if you want ease of cleaning, they work better with some than others. You MUST use a condom on the dildo if you use it for your pussy (although with silicon or glass dildos a really good clean with proper soap and water and a toy cleaner should be fine.

If you don’t use a condom on butt plug, either go to the bathroom to take it out or have a little plastic bag by the bed to pop it in to keep things clean. If you’ve washed yourself out well before it should be fine but it’s still your bum!

So, as with the warning about butt plugs in advance, you should know I’m planning to do a session where you try pegging near the ‘climax’ of Locktober, so, if you fancy exploring that (and remember even if you don’t it’s brilliant for HIM to wear when caged so you can still be fucked) then check out the amazing range at our favourite store Lovehoney

I also found a 

£5 off when you spend £30 plus FREE delivery – with code LH5302015 if you do fancy buying anything. You’re welcome!

If you’re not at all sure about pegging check out the OnTheKneesNow Tumblr for some good advice (but lots and lots and lots of images, so be warned!)

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