Month: October 2015

Thank you for your response. I understand about the control thing, I meant it more as a statement of how I’d like to trade places with him. Thank you for considering the summary but I understand. I love reading your plans for the day anyway, so hot.

No I completely understand and appreciate the sentiment. And I really do love the feedback. He’s lucky to have me, and I’m lucky to have him. As you’ve probably seen this is a big switch for us, he’s naturally very dominant so getting to this place has been quite the journey. It’s usually me being…

Hi there. I’m loving your locktober posts. Damn, I’d love to be in your control. Would it be possible to hear a summary each day of how the previous days activities went? Thank you and have a wonderful Saturday. You have me throbbing already.

Hiya, Thanks so much for the lovely feedback. It’s SO encouraging to hear. I’m afraid only hubby gets my control! Interesting request on the feedback on each day, I hadn’t thought of that.  It feels like it might be a bit too personal and it’s already a lot of work just writing the ideas each…

Oh now I’ve never liked dominatrix but ‘masturbatrix’ I think I could get on board with!!!

Just a reminder to those doing Locktober what now happens if you are ruined without permission 😛



gotta love this.

Maybe I can have a chance.

Well it seems Blue Pills come to the rescue again! lol That 9 inch on in the picture looks the size of a church candle, oh my goodness!

I think I’ve just been inspired for another Locktober task though 🙂