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Hey so I’m looking at Lovehoney rn – do you know how the label looks when they ship it? I’m debating on having it sent home or sent to school- just don’t want anything my family will question, ya know?

female-orgasm-denial: All it says on the reply is LH Trading, it’s completely plain, very securely wrapped. They’re REALLY aware of the sensitivity of what they send. They even show you, which is neat: https://www.lovehoney.com/help/plain-packaging/ A great trick though, if you have nosey parents/housemates, is to say ‘Oh I’m getting a gift delivered, so please don’t open…

It doesn’t matter how big and strong he is – once he’s tied up he’s entirely at your mercy.

Under the bed restraints – you really should get some, for both of you!

Where did you find the first image of your header? I’ve been looking for the second and fourth cage models for months! Great blog btw

Thanks! They’re all available from Lovehoney – the second one is just the standard sized CB-6000 model and the last one is called The Curve I think, it’s for biiiig cocks as far as I can see. Lovehoney Cock Cages While you can get these cheaper as chinese knock offs we do highly recommend Lovehoney…

If hubby’s cock isn’t big enough to make you cum like this, don’t despair.

Get yourself a strap on – not for you, for HIM. 

Amazingly it’s just on sale for just $20 if you are in the US.

Then, well the dildo it comes with is just for starters. You can keep increasing the size until you find one that just hits the spot. This is our favourite:

The King Cock Girthy – just mind blowing. It fits in the harness from the top image. Don’t buy this harness, it doesn’t work with cock cages (due to the single strap underneath). And we want it to work with his cock caged underneath…

And that’s because, size ISN’T everything. As you can see in the video. Look at the stamina, the strength, the passion.

Your guy not up to that yet? That’s okay. That’s why we have a cock cage to squeeze him into… That is where the motivation comes from.

He stays in the cage till he gets fit and skilled enough to make you cum, the way she does.

Strap-ons from Lovehoney – giving you what you deserve!

I wanted to ask what is a good type of cage to start with if you’re new to being locked? Ive seen some that come with several ring sizes but Im not sure which ones are recommended.

Hi there, So, if you’re new to this, we recommend what we started with, which is the plastic CB-6000S – that’s the smaller version, as small is definitely better if you have the option. You really don’t want any room to grow, or things get more painful as it’s like your willy gets up steam…