Hey so I’m looking at Lovehoney rn – do you know how the label looks when they ship it? I’m debating on having it sent home or sent to school- just don’t want anything my family will question, ya know?


All it says on the reply is LH Trading, it’s completely plain, very securely wrapped. They’re REALLY aware of the sensitivity of what they send.

They even show you, which is neat:


A great trick though, if you have nosey parents/housemates, is to say ‘Oh I’m getting a gift delivered, so please don’t open any unexpected parcels and spoil the surprise!’

You do then have to get them a gift, but Christmas is coming and all that.

The other thing I haven’t mentioned is Lovehoney have a happiness guarantee, which means if you don’t like a toy for ANY reason, they’ll swap it out for another within 30 days, which is great. And their customer services are just the loveliest women. They just chat about what type of dildo is best for you as though it’s nothing weird (BECAUSE IT ISN’T). They’re like the Amazon of the sex toy market, I’ve used them since they started up and just can’t recommend them highly enough.

If you haven’t tried them before have a look, one of the most useful things that sets their site apart is the fact they’ve been collecting real reviews on all the toys for years now – and those are so helpful knowing what to get.


Bobby Bargain Alert

If you’re quick there’s a suction cup dildo going for $8.50 in the Black Friday Sale, which is as cheap as they’ll ever get.

Oh there’s a skinny one for your butt tooooo…

Can anyone spell DP?

Oh wait…I just did.

Oh my goodness and they have the King Cock on sale TOO, let’s just say, you have to be a bit of a size queen to make the most of this one… or so my wife tells me.

Seriously though, fun times putting that in a strap on harness and doing our own double penetration exploration.

King Cock at Lovehoney – $26.99 at the US site, £18.50 at the UK one, couldn’t be arsed to check the rest… 😀

Dildos for sale! We love the King Cock one and it’s so cheap at the moment. Highly recommended!

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