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Oh the joy of maths kicking in there!!! lol That’s amazing.

Hubby found a site with lots of captions I’d not seen before so I hope you’re enjoying them!

At the Marriage Replenishment Weekend couples enjoyed multiple ‘Edging Sessions’ from qualified edging technicians throughout the weekend, before being put back into their chastity devices and left to enjoy the intimacy and arousal with each other in private.

The dramatic impact of the programme on their intimacy levels often led to them signing up to the longer term programme before they left the spa. That involved the husband, and optionally the wife, remaining in their chastity devices, for at least another two weeks, when an edging technician qualified in keyholding can make a visit to assess progress.

The programme has proved so effective, and now popular, that booking for the spa is now required at least six months in advance.

I’m just wondering who I’d say that to…
Who would you say it to? 🙂

‘I love how you clean up the mess you make now, what a good boy. Now back in the cage with you darling, then make me cum a few more times.’

This is hot. On a serious note though, isn’t this just fair? He made the mess, so he clears it up!