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House training – Went a little crazy with the color again. Still trying to figure this stuff out!

This is a good one to make up a fantasy to tell each other – try it! I always find it easier with drawn erotica rather than photos.

grumpy2017: Grumpy’s getting imaginative with some games, this is genius!You can, of course, edge him as close, OR NOT, as you want before. Maybe add some other rules too…It only counts if he cums, if he can pull out and not cum at all, he just gets locked up for a few days you decide.He…

Ohh, so that’s how Dany got to control the Kingdom of Westeros

This is kind of genius!

There’s a fun game in here, if you take out some of the fantasy.

Definitely tied up, then edging him with the simple rule, ‘If you cum without permission I ruin it, and I cage you up without release for X days (I’d go for something like 3 but tastes will vary!). 

Then, see how well he can beg, what he might offer to be allowed to properly cum, have fun finding out how long he can last without going over. And then, in most cases, take him over anyway, ruin him, so he stays nice and horny, then put the cage on before untying him.

You could of course, let him cum… but he’ll prefer it if you ruin it, I promise.

And if he does last an impressive time, offer him an alternative – caged without cumming at all, but just for a day or two. 

It’s not really his choice anyway, he’s tied up, and you have the key. So decide what you’d prefer!

have fun

I’m not clear how he’s supposed to stroke himself in that position, but it gives me a good idea for an exercise task. Get him to ‘plank’ in bed next to you and very simply he’s stroked by you for as long as he can hold it!