Something for the weekend?

So hubby managed to get 12 days in his cage as his Father’S Day gift, which means this weekend there’s no cumming, just teasing. That Friday Feeling…

So I thought I’d share what I had planned as any of you who played last week might be in a similar situation

Friday Night

Edging for us both! – Watch a movie together while I casually stroke his lubed cock the entire time. I’ll often gently play with myself too for some of it, and then get him to go down on me, but with the instruction of ‘don’t let me cum’ – it’s so hot to both be denied sometimes, honestly, try it!


Morning – hopefully a bit of a lazy morning. Some orgasms for me to start the day, always hotter if I’ve not cum the night before. A good long morning edge for him before he’s locked up. If he’s cum recently I’d maybe plug him too but it’s been nearly a week so he’s already horny.

Set him some work during the day to get him even hornier and prepare for the evening – using the brilliant Gooninator tool that he found and I’ve used a few times on here, he can make a quick new tumblr blog and post things to it for me to watch later. So I’ll get him to post on a theme of my choosing, let’s say ‘big cocks, glory holes and ruined orgasms’ and he can then have to find me images that’ll turn me on, and then get them to replay for me later


Then later on I’ll get a massage from him while he’s still caged, and then watch what he’s made for me while he goes down on me. Again, edging is more fun at this point to keep me into it all.

Once he’s tongue’s all worn out I’ll probably let him out of his cage for some edging. Remember if he cums or even ruins he’s locked up for the rest of the time so fun to play with that, maybe threaten him with it, and that I’d just ruin him too so he’d stay just as horny.

Then some nice big orgasms for me till I’m all orgasmed out, and he’s locked back up again.


Maybe some strap on fun (I’ve inspired myself with my recent reposts of older stuff) – we haven’t used ours much recently and that’s a shame because it’s so hot. Him still being caged, wearing a perfect cock that I can have in me, so good. And perhaps if I fancy it, I’ll wear it and use it on him as the perfect end to the weekend.

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