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Make the most of every opportunity!

Don’t miss an opportunity to edge him, even if it’s just idly like this while doing something else.
More edges = hornier = better
Just make it second nature to simply tell him ‘get your cock out’. Even when you’re not in the mood, try it. Once you have your hand wrapped around his cock and hear his little frustrated horny moans you will be happy you did.

The movement she’s doing here is basically perfect. If he’s horny then the precum he produces will be enough to just keep that bit lubed indefinitely. If you run dry just give one stroke up his cock and more will seep out.

Leave him hanging…
It’s really hot to just stop sometimes, as though you’ve forgotten, leaving him there getting desperate for even the gentle touches. A cock ring makes this even more fun as he’ll stay harder longer and ache for more.

If you’re in the mood, wait till he asks for more, then say ‘if you ask again you’re going back in your cage’ – trust me, so hot. Being ignored isn’t hot, but knowing you’re doing it deliberately, amazing!

If he goes limp, tease him, ‘maybe he should just be locked up again’ (watch him get hard at that lol)

Personally I like playing with his flaccid cock too, if you’ve edged him so he’s already really sensitive, or he’s been caged a while, slow, lubed strokes and finger play that isn’t enough to get him hard will drive him absolutely crazy.

Make him do it!
And if you get bored, or really don’t want to, tell HIM to!

‘Edge your cock for me’

Or make it more productive than that:

‘Edge for me while you find me some hot tumblr posts’
or even more specific
‘Edge for me while you find me some big cocks’ 
Or whatever you’re in the mood for, sloppy blowjobs, romantic pics, mean bitches, ruined orgasms, cum shots, etc – and then you look at them while he goes down on you!

Or you can go directly to that, just have him go down on you, while he edges himself. Watch a movie, read a book, or browse Tumblr while he does. If he’s getting too excited, or just to mess with him, get him to stop sometimes and just focus on you. Then tell him to stroke it again. 

Try a dry, cleaned out condom on him to see how much precum he can produce!

Or add some variety, surprise him by throwing him dildo and some lube, he’ll think it’s for you, and sure you could do that, but even hotter to say ‘it’s for you, fuck your arse while you lick me’ (and even add ‘if you can cum from just that I’ll let you’)

Blowjob ‘gooninator’

Blowjob ‘gooninator’

Spicing up your games

For a simple bit of fun, play board games with him, while he’s caged.
Scrabble’s a favourite (or Words with Friends on our phones) for us. He wins, he gets released for a nice long edge. If he loses, he stays locked up and spends the evening licking you to orgasm after orgasm.
We’ve even played it with others, only the two of us knowing the consequences of either of us beating the other one.

You can ramp it up to winning a ruin or even an orgasm if you want to raise the stakes.

You can throw in extra rules too, according to the game. So if his scrabble score exceeds a certain level he could get a ruin. Or if mine does I get fucked with the strap on.

Also for Scrabble specifically, if we can use a certain word on the board we get licked there later (our boards have lots of ‘ass’ on them lol)

I love to be denied too so often if he wins not only does he get edged, but I do too and aren’t allowed to cum – a nice incentive!

I wonder how big it was before the pumping?! lol

I just found this blog, it’s full of hot shots of big cocks. So if that turns you on it’s a great one to get him going down on you and then browse though!

Make sure you show him some of the best ones as he licks you to orgasm again and again ‘If you were this big I’d let you fuck me instead of lick me’, ‘Wow, that ones bigger than our dildo!’, ‘Sometimes I wish you were this big’, ‘Look baby, isn’t that hot?’.

He’ll lick you all the better every time you tease him, trust me..


Edging instructions

He can edge himself closer than you can most of the time so it’s hot to make use of that sometimes.

Uncage him and snuggle up next to him. Kiss and touch him, especially playing with his nipples, but don’t touch his cock, not at all.

Hopefully it’ll get nice and hard by itself, but if it doesn’t, well then you tease him, ‘Maybe it doesn’t want to get played with, shall we just put it back in the cage and see if that helps?’ That will almost definitely get him hard. If it doesn’t, consider doing that!

But the fun challenge is to try and use your words to get him hard, with no contact. 

Tell him how hot it is caging him, tease him about the size of his cock, or how long it’ll be till you let him cum. Maybe get a vibe and start playing with yourself too, and just moan in his ear.

At some point he’ll ask you to play with his cock, say no, say you want to watch him today. Maybe pour some lube on it and then start watching, tell him you want him on the edge for as long as he can handle it.

Whisper in his ear how you love he can’t do this without you now, how you love knowing his cock is yours, how all those times he used to get off without you are gone forever, and all his sexual energy is focused on you.

As he gets closer start to be a bit meaner, tell him he’s not allowed to cum, that you like his balls full and aching. Tell him if he cums he’ll have to eat it, and you’ll lock him up for a whole month without release. 

Make him beg, first let him beg to be allowed to cum, say no, then see if you can make him beg to ruin it. Say no. Then tell him you want to hear him beg to be denied. ‘Beg me to not let you cum’ ‘Beg me to lock your little dick back up and lick me to orgasms while you stay denied’.

It’s so hot when he says it.

It’s even hotter when he does it.