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“Oh god baby, do that finger thing, make me cum again, yes oh fuck, this feels SO much better than your cock!‘

The Au Pair

Caption image by @professormonkeybusiness For those of you not familiar with the term, as it’s a mostly European thing, an Au Pair is a young woman between 18-25 usually, who stays with a family to help them look after the children, in return for food and board plus a small allowance. It’s a traditional way of European women…

You know the irony, darling. Caging you up has got me so horny and kinky, that the thought of anal sex is much more exciting than before.
Can you imagine how it’d feel now, your cock in my tight little asshole like this. I bet you can, because it’s so tight in that little cage. Shame that’s where it’s going to stay.


“Awww, honey, you came! You must be so disappointed in yourself for not being able to hold it in… Look, even your cock is weeping!”


“Achey, throbbing, denied cock. I love watching it twitch when it’s been on the edge for over 2 hours. I love watching your face when I deny your orgasms again and again. Just when you think I’m about to push you over, I stop at the last second each time, leaving your cock pulsating and your hips desperately thrusting in the air for some friction.”

Oh I like the use of the bondage tape there! Or just tying his hands above his head with some restraints makes it all so much hotter too!

I do like ‘dicklet’ lol



was starting to take a very serious toll on Doug’s quality of life, but his
urologist insisted that the medicine
needed to be applied every morning, afternoon and night… and that Doug’s wife needed to be the one to do
it. The doctor to him explained that his spouse would be able to ensure even
coverage without causing any libido-inspired “accidents” during the application. The two men shared a knowing
chuckle at the implication- boys will be
boys, right?

now, Doug couldn’t remember why he needed
the cream in the first place or why his
doctor had even prescribed it to him
anymore. Unfortunately for Doug, this
meant that the medicine was working perfectly


“.. Studies show that the longer you deny your boy, the more you tease him, and the heavier you edge him, the more swollen his balls will feel and ache. His dick will become extreme responsive and sensitive. To a degree where the slightest touch will push him over the edge…”

lol, I love the idea of scientific research into this!

So this is something we played with recently, putting the strap on him, not to have sex (although we ended up doing that lol) but all day long, I made him just wear it, and pretended it was his cock!

I sent him texts saying how lucky I was my hubby had such a big cock, and how I couldn’t wait to suck it later. It drove him so crazy, it was brilliant! And at bedtime yes I sucked it and then fucked it and all I’d do to his caged cock was reach down and tell him how full his balls felt, didn’t even refer to him being caged, just pretended the huge King Cock was his.

And then, I made him sleep with it, reaching over and grabbing it a few times too. Finally followed by using it in the morning too. He really couldn’t take much more at that point, so the strap on came off, but the cage didn’t heh heh

Hmm, that’s a very interesting idea, the thought of caging him up instead of birth control! That’s kinda hot.
They say research has always struggled with male contraceptives as the guys just don’t take them. Not an issue if it’s caging…

It’d be a lot of fun not letting him have sex because of that. maybe just very occasionally let him in at the safe time of the month, but make him wear a condom too of course, just to be safe. But as the caption says, most of the time make him wear the big strap on, no danger in that and it just feels so good.

Imagine telling him after you’ve caged him up, ‘Oh honey I forgot to say, with you caged up I’ve decided to stop taking the pill, no point putting those hormones in me if I’m not going to let you spurt, is there…’

And if he complains that he wants to fuck ‘I know darling but we have the strap on now and it just feels so good, and there’s none of that mess, and I’ve been taking the pill for so long, it’s only fair it’s your turn now baby. But I’ll have to be strict sweetie, we can’t risk me getting pregnant so I’ll keep you safely caged so you’re not tempted, okay? It’s been me on contraception for more than ten years, now it’s your turn!’

‘Don’t worry I’ll still use my hand and my mouth, but really darling your sperm has done it’s job now, we have our kids, you don’t NEED to spurt anymore, and we both know how hot it is just keeping it in your balls. And you make me cum so well with your mouth now, don’t you darling…’

As the ultimate tease to promise him while you edge him you could say, ‘you could use my ass though, on very special occasions, would that be good baby, would that make up for it?’ that’ll only make him hornier of course…

Oh this is fun, I like this! I think I might actually try this out!