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Hi Jane, I’ve had two ‘stainless’ metal cages so far and although the overall quality of both was good, still it seems they get a bit rusty after a while. I was wondering if you experience the same with the tight squeeze or the arc. I’m looking for a second cage that is stainless as I know that my wife is a bit worried about the rust. Thanks, Shavvy

We really haven’t had much of a problem with rust, although I doubt it’s very problematic. But I guess it does indicate it’s not good quality steel. Have a look at our recommended cages page, the company we recommend (Toys for naughty boys) there are really good and we’ve loved all the stuff from there…

I love your blog! I’ve noticed you leaning towards a chastity device that uses a peircing. Have you checked out evotion wearables? I’ve worn one for a year and it is 10 times better than any other device I’ve had. I recommend the cage #8. These are custom devises so you have to be very careful getting your measurements right.

We haven’t, but I looked them up and they are very interesting, and seem to have a couple that don’t require piercing either? We shall investigate further, thank you! We’ve been meaning to do some more cage reviews recently so we’ll see if we can add that to the list. Jane

Hi I just asked my wife to do this and I think she might give in I need some material I can give her to read for non physical punishment and how to be somewhat mean she’s to nice lol I think like something you have would be a right fit Pegg and all

‘I think she might give in’… Okay, let’s get this back to basics. Although it can feel like it, this is not some battle of wills to get her to begrudgingly service your kinks. If that’s how it feels, you’re not there yet. Because unlike a lot of stuff, chastity play has real, genuine benefits…

‘Mmmm honey, I know it’s early but your cage probably woke you up anyway. Go down on me.’

All that’s needed nowadays for the perfect start to the day!

A definite benefit of hubby not having a huge cock!

lol that look on her face!