Hi Jane, I’ve had two ‘stainless’ metal cages so far and although the overall quality of both was good, still it seems they get a bit rusty after a while. I was wondering if you experience the same with the tight squeeze or the arc. I’m looking for a second cage that is stainless as I know that my wife is a bit worried about the rust. Thanks, Shavvy

We really haven’t had much of a problem with rust, although I doubt it’s very problematic. But I guess it does indicate it’s not good quality steel.

Have a look at our recommended cages page, the company we recommend (Toys for naughty boys) there are really good and we’ve loved all the stuff from there – and they offer a good guarantee if you did have problems.

But we use the Arc and Tight Squeeze a lot and not rust at all that hubby’s told me about anyway.

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