Month: October 2016

I just have to say, that your Cocktober posting Stories are sssoooo extremely hot… That i just couldn’t resist in reposting them ALL!! VERY EXCITING!!! Do you have any more stories for us Pervs, for the upcomming months to CUM!!???😋😙

Thank you! Well I was thinking if a collection of those scripts like the ones I wrote for the strap on might make a fun little book. So yes, if people like them I’ll keep on making some more!

Hah, so true!


I hate it when she asks me this question.


There is NOTHING more erotic than bringing a man to the precipice of an orgasm… and then leaving him there.


Mmmm, thank you for my orgasms… and I know your cock is hard and wanting too. Your turn is coming someday, I promise.


A good woman always tends to her man’s needs.

She just doesn’t let him cum 😈😂




I can’t hold out much longer….fuckkkkkkkkk!

Just had the best after work experience. I met my girlfriend at the local bar and had a few beers and she told me she had a surprise for me when we left. We finished our beers and headed out to the parking lot and instead of getting into her car, she crawled into the passenger seat of mine and opened her purse. With a sly look in her eye she pulled out a bottle of Gun oil silicone lube and told me to take my cock out. I couldn’t get it out fast enough after hearing that, she took my cock and started to give me a fantastic slippery hand job with the lube. She had me so worked up and I could tell the car was rocking but she didn’t stop. She then told me that I was going to finish in her mouth so she could taste me but that wasn’t all. I got ready to cum and then she said that I was getting it back from her and I came in her mouth just then. After I shot 3-4 jets into her mouth, she jumped up and planted her lips on mine and forced my lips open with her tongue and fed me my own cum back into my mouth while my cock was still twitching and leaking cum. It was the hottest after work beer I think I’ve ever had. Thank you baby

He surely doesn’t have a small dick, but it damn sure made my little dick hard as a rock thinking about it , so it’s worthy of posting here.