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Oh wow, that’s an interesting technique for a ruined orgasm!


Chastity Drain www.femdomempire.com

If you master the art of making him cum in the cage you don’t have to let him out at all.
Of course, you don’t have to let him cum… just edging him, in the cage is more than enough most of the time.
And if he does slip over? Well why on earth would you keep the vibrations going? Did he get permission to cum? I doubt it. So take the vibe off, and let him jet out, in a nice, caged, ruined orgasm. He’ll be horny as anything before you know it!

Oh honey, look, it still spurts even when I’m not rubbing it! Does that feel as good? I think I prefer this, it’s cute! Gosh, if it means you stay super horny and attentive to me then this might be the only way I empty your balls in future!
Think about that while you put your cage back on.
Love you!

simmer-until: Day 60 I can’t believe how hard I am inside this tiny cage. I can’t believe I’m ten days from smashing through last year’s record. I can’t believe she’s talking about moving the goalposts or expectation. That tease and denial is to be my pleasure. That the intense edges are what I should expect…

It was one of the rare occasions she let him fuck her. She liked to remind him just how good it felt compared to that tight little cage.
But her favourite part was the moans of frustration he made he pulled out, and ruined all over her tummy and breasts.
Sometimes she’d rub it in as he watched, and use his cum as lube to masturbate to orgasm. Other times she’d make him lick it clean.
Either way, he’d be back in his cage before he slept.
Happy days.


“Awww, honey, you came! You must be so disappointed in yourself for not being able to hold it in… Look, even your cock is weeping!”

Beautifully ruined over her breasts. Hot!


Her technique is impecable! She ruins his orgasm perfectly by gentle stimulation to the sensitive spot under the head.

From experience I can attest that ruins like these, where the cum just slowly flows out, are super frustrating and feel like they last a lifetime!