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Hi Jane, love the blog, but wanted your advice. Last year my husband and I had such fun with Locktober but this year he’s been very busy with work and it just hasn’t happened to my disappointment. I feel a bit down about it, which is such a contrast to before. What do you think I should do? T xx

Hi T, thanks for the message. Look, I don’t want to be rude, but this isn’t brain science (or maybe it is, it works so well!). You have everything you need to fix this. It’d be lovely if it all came from him and none of it fell on us, but honestly, when has that…

Whether he’s caged or not, the ‘Morning edge’ has become an essential part of our almost daily routine. Even if it’s not a ‘hard’ edge, but just playing with him and reminding him you’re in charge of his cock. It really does ensure he’s thinking about you all day!

Hi Jane, both my newly caged man and I are big fans. I just wanted to ask if you had any tips about facesitting? Peace, Daisy

Hi Daisy! Well for us the main issue is me being confident up there. Unlike lots of the pictures on Tumblr I’m not a skinny 20 something any more. So the biggest tip was getting hubby blindfolded! It might seem a bit extreme but it completely negates any worries about it, and combined with a…

I’m trying to get my husband in a cage that has a solid ring not the kind that hinges. I can seem to get his Ball’s through it and his cook as well. Help 911

So, play with his balls a bit, a bit of gentle pulling to loosen them up. His balls go through first, one at a time, then his cock is pushed through (has to be soft, obviously, if he gets hard just wait a bit). Solid rings are much better as there’s less to be pinched…

My wife isn’t as into chastity play as I am. Any idea how to build her interest more and have her enjoy it as much as me?

Get really good at oral sex! http://edging.space/post/157590444398/how-to-give-cunnilingus-like-a-superstar And make sure you are going down on her, A LOT, and tie that into how horny being caged makes you. Also when you’re down there, get her reading stuff like my blog so she sees how fun it can be and associates the amazing feelings you give…

Hi Jane, love the blog, thanx so much! We got into chastity play a couple of yers ago and it’s mostly been great but things haven’t happened the last couple of months and I wondered what you’d advise? I’ve suggested caging him back up but he’s not seemed too botthered? Thanks in advance, Sam.

Hi Sam – you’re very welcome and don’t worry we all go through ups and downs. It was a few years ‘down’ after we had kids that led us to even exploring stuff like this. So chastity is a bit like magic, even if they aren’t feeling in the mood, just doing it makes them start…

If hubby’s cock isn’t big enough to make you cum like this, don’t despair.

Get yourself a strap on – not for you, for HIM. 

Amazingly it’s just on sale for just $20 if you are in the US.

Then, well the dildo it comes with is just for starters. You can keep increasing the size until you find one that just hits the spot. This is our favourite:

The King Cock Girthy – just mind blowing. It fits in the harness from the top image. Don’t buy this harness, it doesn’t work with cock cages (due to the single strap underneath). And we want it to work with his cock caged underneath…

And that’s because, size ISN’T everything. As you can see in the video. Look at the stamina, the strength, the passion.

Your guy not up to that yet? That’s okay. That’s why we have a cock cage to squeeze him into… That is where the motivation comes from.

He stays in the cage till he gets fit and skilled enough to make you cum, the way she does.

Strap-ons from Lovehoney – giving you what you deserve!