Hi Jane, both my newly caged man and I are big fans. I just wanted to ask if you had any tips about facesitting? Peace, Daisy

Hi Daisy! Well for us the main issue is me being confident up there. Unlike lots of the pictures on Tumblr I’m not a skinny 20 something any more. So the biggest tip was getting hubby blindfolded! It might seem a bit extreme but it completely negates any worries about it, and combined with a cute outfit makes me feel so much more confident.

Assuming you’re happy being up there, the next is positioning, where does everything go?!

The traditional way is this:

And that’s really great, puts you very in control and also, you can lean forward and play with his cock, caged or not. And go down and suck on him too if you fancy it. Also, if you fancy it, you can shuffle forward a bit and have him lick your bottom too, which is really hot, but only when I’m super aroused.

The other main position is facing the other way:

Which is good too but you only have his hair to play with so, I prefer it the first direction.

If the kneeling thing is tricky you can also try it standing:

Another tip would be really trim or shave your pubes before you do it. It makes it much nicer for him and feels much better in my experience.

As for technique, I love to have edged him so he’s already super horny and then just try to keep him there as he pleasures me, just with little strokes and sucks to encourage him. The closer I get the more I get into it, so will start grinding on his face a bit and even pushing my bum against him for him to lick there. I like to combine that with cumming so grab a vibe at the same time. It’s insanely intimate and kinky.

Hopefully some of that is useful!

J xxx

Thanks to sexinfo101.com for the pics

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