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Hiya – inspiring tumblr, ty! So were really enjoying exploring all this but my boyfriend keeps cumming when Im edging him. I do ruin it but I dont want him to at all. Any tips? TY! Zoe

Hiya Zoe, Yes this is often an issue but it’s pretty easily fixed with a few things. And it’s actually really important as you want him to really feel you’re in charge of him getting his release for not only the full balls to happen, which is super hot, but also for his horniness to…

My wife and I have been involved in Chastity for about two months now and I have been reading that long term chastity wear actually shrinks a mans penis over time. Do you know if this is factual or can you guide me to a place to inquire?

From what I’ve read, yes it’s true if you’re caged up for weeks without release, but only very temporary, it just takes a day or two to ‘decompress’. So nothing to worry about.


Mmm… 💦

If you aren’t edging him like this then you really should try it.
I know, those of us who don’t have porn model bodies can find it a bit intimidating, but stick a blindfold on him if you’re worried about it!
What’s so great about this is how you can tease and rub and suck his cock while he makes you cum again and again, even grinding the out on his face if you like that. Don’t pleasure him the whole time though, that’s one tip. Just lay down or simply kiss his cock gently while he focuses on you, then, you can start rewarding him with strokes and touches as he does the things that feel best, it’s like silently training him, and really fun and hot.
And then of course, shift a little forward and don’t touch his cock again until he licks your bottom, yummy!

Hey, any advice for cage length for a uncut guy? You usually see that the cage must be the same length or a bit shorter than your flaccid cock. However, I kind of can’t imagine my foreskin poking out and being chafed all the time. Even if someone is cut, I cannot imagine that the tip is not sore after all day of rubbing against the underwear.

Hubby’s circumcised so I’m not really an expert. I can only suggest that something like the Arc cage i recommended earlier that we love would work well as the bars don’t let you poke out. With a technical question like this somewhere like the chastity mansion forum is probably your best bet.

I wanted to ask what is a good type of cage to start with if you’re new to being locked? Ive seen some that come with several ring sizes but Im not sure which ones are recommended.

Hi there, So, if you’re new to this, we recommend what we started with, which is the plastic CB-6000S – that’s the smaller version, as small is definitely better if you have the option. You really don’t want any room to grow, or things get more painful as it’s like your willy gets up steam…

So we have a question in regards to what you may do… New to the whole chastity thing and especially her being dominate. However hubby made a mistake and put in his plug without asking and wore it over night, trying to come up with a suitable punishment, please help… What would you do?

I’d tell you to lighten up. Really, you can’t jump into it all with lots of rules and punishments, if that’s not naturally who we are as the woman, and yo usay she’s new to it, then you have to focus on having fun and intimacy at the heart of it all and SLOWLY build…

Sorry. Forgot to add the questions. Should I shave when I wear my cage? Is it ok to go for runs wearing it? Will it be painful when I get an erection? What are good ways for my mistress to tease me while I am in it?

Add them to what? Anyway, in answer to them: You don’t have to shave but it looks cuter and stops you snagging hairs if you’re using a cage that does that, so it’s often a good plan You can run as long as the cage is a good fit and you’re wearing tight undies I…


The rarest of all porn gifs! A man actually smiling and enjoying a blowjob instead of scrunching his face, while the woman treating him is ALSO enjoying herself. More please!