I wanted to ask what is a good type of cage to start with if you’re new to being locked? Ive seen some that come with several ring sizes but Im not sure which ones are recommended.

Hi there,

So, if you’re new to this, we recommend what we started with, which is the plastic CB-6000S – that’s the smaller version, as small is definitely better if you have the option. You really don’t want any room to grow, or things get more painful as it’s like your willy gets up steam and really pulls on the ring.

We did try a fake one first but it split and pinched hubby’s cock after a while and that whole thing really put us off. So we do recommend you get an official one from somewhere like Lovehoney.

The genius of buying there is you get a whole year to try things you buy, and if for any reason you don’t like it you can replace it or get a refund, no hassle at all. In fact they are lovely about it. And of course it’s warrantied and everything.

The reason the CB6000 is such a good starting point is you get 25 different sizing configuriations in terms of ring size and gap, so you can adjust it as you go. The one thing you need a good idea of when buying metal cages, which you WILL want to upgrade to later, is those measurements. 

Also of course if you ever have to go through security a plastic one won’t set off metal detectors, so it’s great for having as a future back up

You can buy them here from Lovehoney

If you are lucky enough to have a bigger cock, so maybe 5 inches flaccid or above then the normal sized one is probaby a better bet. But from all the couples we know into this, we ALL recommend squishing in smaller cages if you can, from both a comfort perspective, and also it’s kinda hot.

They have an offer to get a free cleaning kit (on the UK site at least) too at the moment.

They come with a padlock and the plastic numbered tags you can use for airports etc.

Or here is their entire Cock Cage range. Again the 365 return period applies on any of them so it’s a completely legitimate way to try them out and see if they are for you.They have the most amazing customer service I’ve encountered, discreet, friendly, helpful. I end up chatting away to them if I ever have to call! lol

Lovehoney Cock Cages

We get a small commission from them (but were using them for 10 years before I even started this blog so we don’t recommend them because of that) so if you do buy anything from them, thank you for supporting us!

Which reminded me to see if there were any discount codes and hubby found some!!!!

UK purchases – Enter AFFUK1575 on the discount code page to save £15

Canada – AFFCA150 saves you 20% if you spend over $150

USA – XMASFLASH saves 20% when you spend $60

Australia – XMASFLASH saves 20% when you spend $80

Thanks to hubby for finding those! Hopefully the links will take you right there. If not go to this page and type them in manually:

Lovehoney Offer Code Page

The XMASFLASH codes end today though, so don’t miss out!!! (No idea when the others run out)

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