Month: December 2015

My new years resolution is to cum less in the next year. I made a post on my blog and i’m staying in chastity one day for each note it gets. The only problem being that it isn’t getting notes. Do you have any advice on how to get the ball rolling on this sort of thing?

Hi there. Lovely to hear of such a positive resolution. But the whole ‘number of notes thing’ is a bit tired, although you may get a few people from here liking it! I have an alternative plan. There are 12 days left in December… Every day you can go without cumming this month you get two…

I love your blog first one i have found that is not crazy intense. This is our first wk trying chastity and I’m struggling with as most ppl I assume the feeling guilty part and being more demanding so I guess any advice there?

I totally know what you mean! yeah, we try and be quite ‘real life’ about it all. I think most of the blogs, in fact I’m sure, are horny guys who wish they had someone like us to lock them up!. I think the key is realising how much he loves it when you are mean…


Would you send your keyholder a picture like that ?

Goodness no, I mean, just look at that girly phone! How embarrassing!