I love your blog first one i have found that is not crazy intense. This is our first wk trying chastity and I’m struggling with as most ppl I assume the feeling guilty part and being more demanding so I guess any advice there?

I totally know what you mean! yeah, we try and be quite ‘real life’ about it all. I think most of the blogs, in fact I’m sure, are horny guys who wish they had someone like us to lock them up!.

I think the key is realising how much he loves it when you are mean to him, and pretty much the rule is, the meaner the better! So that means:

Not sure if you should unlock him or not, then don’t!

Not sure if you want to make him cum, or just edge and leave him aching and frustrated? Leave him frustrated.

Put him in the cage, then flick through tumblr together and discuss all the chastity captions you like, and don’t like! Those are almost all written by guys but they give an idea of what turns him on.

Don’t know what to do? Tell him to get between your legs and lick you till you cum while you read a book or watch tv.

It is this LAST one that’s won me over. He has got SO good at licking me I honestly can’t feel guilty any more. He told me he loves it, his cock gets so hard in it’s cage when he does it, screw feeling guilty, this is amazing! But TELL HIM to do it, he loves that. ‘Honey, my clit needs licking, down you go if you ever want out of that cage’ they love that.

Trust me, a week of cumming using his mouth and you’ll stop feeling guilty and just be grateful your husband is a kinky bastard who lets you cage his cock.

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