Month: November 2017


I gave my cock and balls to my goddess. It makes me so proud and happy that she accepted my present.

It was wired up to the doorbell, his yelps told his wife another party guest had arrived.

So we have a question in regards to what you may do… New to the whole chastity thing and especially her being dominate. However hubby made a mistake and put in his plug without asking and wore it over night, trying to come up with a suitable punishment, please help… What would you do?

I’d tell you to lighten up. Really, you can’t jump into it all with lots of rules and punishments, if that’s not naturally who we are as the woman, and yo usay she’s new to it, then you have to focus on having fun and intimacy at the heart of it all and SLOWLY build…

Showing your friends how it works….

You might be big enough to be let out of your cage but that doesn’t mean you’re big enough to cum…


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That won’t fit in her mouth, let alone a cage…

I really want to work out a good way to do this at home.I like the bean bag underneath though, very practical!