Month: August 2017

Dream on baby, some rubbing, some licking then back in the cage is the best you can hope for.

dicksandjizz: You probably AREN’T gods gift to women. If you think a big dick makes you gods gift to women. You’re wrong If you think six pack abs makes you gods gift to women. You’re wrong. What makes a man valuable to a woman is being emotionally intelligent, being highly sensual, being open minded, being…

The Glory Hole Dilemmas – a fantasy game for couples

I love this picture, so I came up with a game!

Ask him what he’d do in each of these scenarios – get him to vibe and rub you while you play.

1. You get to watch me use my mouth on one hole, which would you pick?
Describe what I do in detail.

2. You get to watch me service one hole, but you have to do the same after me, which do you pick?

3. You’re caged and desperate, I tell you you can use the mouth to cum, but the guy has the key. Do you try to get it, and how?

4. You’re uncaged. You can use one hole. Which do you think I want you to use, fuck another woman’s mouth, or suck another man’s cock?
Which would you pick?

5. It’s us behind the holes, every hour we stay your cock gets an inch bigger, how long do you let them use me? What if it was my pussy, or ass instead of my mouth?

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Here, now you taste…

Miss and Myself have recently purchased an extender from Lovehoney and only got around to using it for the firs time last night. It was honestly incredible, the ability to absorb all her pleasure free from the distraction of my own was genuinely beautiful. We followed your locktober last year (sans hardware) so wanted to say hey and get an extender!

Thank you! We love our extender too! I’ve been planning some size teasing recently and getting him to wear the extender during the day and out to dinner or with friends is definitely part of it. But also just acting like it’s his cock, sucking, wanking it, drives him crazy, as he can just feel…