Miss and Myself have recently purchased an extender from Lovehoney and only got around to using it for the firs time last night. It was honestly incredible, the ability to absorb all her pleasure free from the distraction of my own was genuinely beautiful. We followed your locktober last year (sans hardware) so wanted to say hey and get an extender!

Thank you! We love our extender too! I’ve been planning some size teasing recently and getting him to wear the extender during the day and out to dinner or with friends is definitely part of it. But also just acting like it’s his cock, sucking, wanking it, drives him crazy, as he can just feel it, but rarely enough to cum.

And then when it’s all warmed up, well it’s like the ultimate endurance condom. He can just keep going with almost no risk of him finishing. He actually needs to get fitter because that’s now the limiting factor in how long he can fuck me for. Before he always had the excuse he could stop because he’d cum!

But as much as I love the extender, I now find the full strap on the hottest. Not only because we can use the simply incredible King Cock dildo with it, but I just love his cock and balls hanging down below, all caged up, aching and full and so frustrating. 

Oh I’ve come over all flustered now… that’s tonight planned then 😀

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