Month: July 2018

Getting Him Ready For Brunch With My Girlfriends. I Hope They Ask About My Key. I Might Make Him Show Them In Restroom Before We Eat. Should Make For Good Food Conversation. 🔐❤️

I don’t normally reblog cock pics I’m sent but this is from a very exhibitionist kinky couple and loved the caption, so thank you!

So, what happened?!!! 😀

Check out their blog to see pretty much ALL of them 😛

Been there, said that! lol



Just wow lol

What makes this particularly funny is that most men could not keep such a thing “filled” when swimming in cool waters. So unless he is a shower, not a grower, it would be potentialially embarrassing for everyone. Unless she was showing off her ability to keep him up. In which case he is one lucky boy.

Viagra and/or a cock ring would help…