Month: August 2016


You allowed him an orgasm after a month with no release. His head is still spinning, but he knows your rules: what comes out, must go back in. Dutifully he opens his mouth and licks his cum from your fingers.

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No, no. You know the answer is no

That’s a cute one!


Bend his cock back and masturbate him from behind. In this position he is very vulnerable as both his ass and balls are easily accessible for you. The more you pull his cock back the more he will push his ass out towards you to ease the strain. This position also makes it impossible for him to pump his penis against your hand so you are in full control of what stimuli he receives.

Good tip!

I love wanking him to the edge, but just to the edge, while I cum, several times.
So simple, so sexy!


Great tip

I should probably do this more, especially for a ruin where he pulls out and cums (which I love).
‘Letting’ him do it, but requiring him to lick it up as part of the terms is really hot…

Animated pegging hotness!

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