Month: August 2016

A nice position to completely focus on his cock and balls and make him feel pretty helpless!
It might work well for post orgasm torture too, given you’re sitting on him in a way that would make hit hard for him to do anything about it.



There is a huge difference between what I need and what you’re able to give me, honey. You do see that? Right? 

Photo from the wonderful blog “Beneath My Wife”.

So hot, so true.
I love my King Cock dildo…
It’s the best of both worlds. I get the husband I love fucking me with ferocious passion that isn’t dissipated by him cumming.
PLUS I get the cock of my dreams making me cum!
This is the greatest kink!


Nothing quite like the before and after of chastity. Still amazed it fits into the Cb6000s sometimes.

A good before and after showing just what you can fit into the small CB-6000S and why I recommend that over the regular size. Small is better, people!

Love the blog! Thanks for the great mix of advice and sexy captions! You’ve convinced me, I want to get a cock cage. Where should I start? I’m single though, how does it work, any advice for my situation? Thanks!

Thank you!!! Okay, I guess you haven’t seen my new Chastity Cage Reviews page (I think it’s easy to miss on mobile or if you’re just visiting the site via Tumblr dashboard – go to to see all the extra bits I’ve been adding. First cage? Get the CB-6000S What that tells you is we highly…