Month: June 2017


Her wish is your command. Whether you like it or not…! 😉

The power of eye contact.

Someone’s having fun…

Well that one passes the ‘toilet roll’ test!!!


Measuring Your Cock Properly

The Length
Measure your erect penis with a ruler pressed lightly onto your pubic bone. You`ll find a ruler is easier than a tape measure. Because some people carry more weight than others, pressing the rule onto the pubic bone gives a consistent point to measure from.

The Girth
Measure the circumference of your penis with a tailors tape measure. Take the measurement from around the middle of the shaft.

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For info…

That wasn’t what he had in mind…


You don’t give your husband a release date?

I just tell him he’ll get to orgasm when he’s earned it.

How does he earn it?

He can’t, but he doesn’t know that. He tries so hard.

You’re so mean…

Mean and satisfied.

love it!

This is so hot…

I imagine he’s fucked me, got me right to the edge but then he pulls out as he cums, so it sprays all over me. Me edged, him ruined. He rubs his cum into my skin – “Time to dress now darling, guests will be here in a few minutes” he whispers as he finishes rubbing his seed into my breasts.

Got big boobs? Here’s a mean idea… let him fuck them like this (kneel at the end of the bed while he lies legs down if you don’t have a pool to use :P). But only allow him a few strokes then make him push up as high as he can. Then try to lean down and suck him off. If he’s too small to get a proper blowjob…

’Oh honey you just aren’t big enough to cum… have a few more strokes and then you can kneel here and make me cum instead.’