Month: June 2017

Oh honey, don’t you wish you got that reaction when I pulled you out?

Ladies – here’s a challenge for you, this blog is just big cock reaction pictures like this – If your man is into size teasing pick AT LEAST three and send them with one of the following captions:

  • If you were this big I’d never put you in a cageI wish you were this big
  • That picture makes my mouth water
  • These are what I’ll be looking at while you make me cum tonight with your mouth
  • Wow!
  • Do you like the fact big cocks turn me on now? 
  • This is your fault.
  • Strap on for me tonight I think!

Or just make up your own!

And if you want to watch lots of them you can try this fun webpage that plays through the pictures on a tumblr blog!

The Gooninator

I’ve quickly added a few but you can add any you like!

I love that… the caption, and the reality!



I adore this!  She’s dressed comfy in jeans and a tank while he’s tight back against her and fully nude.  Her feet pin down his legs, and she is smiling almost the entire time while muffling his sounds… and at the end she’s a bit like me where she just wants to keep going, sensitivity be damned… her fun isn’t over quite yet.  That pleasure and the stunned look on him… goals.

Oh…goodness yes

Wow, so hot and her hand over his mouth…’Sssh baby, I don’t want the kids to hear…’

The milkshake boys were kept in strict chastity until their 12 hour work rotas kicked in, when they endured endless stimulation.

Remember when you used to be allowed to do this, baby? You could cum in me whenever you wanted. All those years I took the pill just so you could fill me up with your cum.

But there’s just no point putting all those hormones in me now, is there darling. We have something much better. Nice little metal bars keeping you all safe and eliminating the risk of me getting pregnant. What a considerate husband you’ve become.

Isn’t it crazy though, maybe you’ll never cum in there again, not like you used to. I thought I’d miss it but now we have the big strap on, I really don’t. That’s what I like in me now, it never goes soft, it’s so much bigger, and no mess at the end that you leave me to clear up!

But don’t worry sweetheart, I’ve got another hole just the right size for your little cock, maybe I’ll still let you cum in there, on very, very special occasions.

If I catch you looking at my breasts and not my face again it’ll be an extra week in chastity for you, mister!