Month: August 2017


The Viagra has my cage very tight this morning. Yes she forced me to take one last night at the bar. On the way home she made me drive her home nude and teased me along the way.
We got home and she was making fun of her little caged penis. She unlocked the cage and made me put on our new penis extender. Told me I was going to use it and if I cum she was going to feed it to me. We had sex for what seemed like forever . I couldn’t feel a thing and I fucked like a real man for the first time in years. Back and fourth between oral and penatration she soaked the bed. She loves her new ,bigger penis extender. I fucked until I just had nothing left.
I never did cum and was made to lock my cage back on as fast as the extender came off. Now this morning I was woke up with a Viagra erection attempt. Her penis keeps testing the bars. The pressure is a little painful as the erections come and go. I don’t know if her penis will ever touch her pussy again.

I don’t often post real photos of caged cocks but I did like the write up! Hot.

Hi I’m just wondering why I never see or hear about piercing just above the base of the penis? There are less nerves there and it’s easy to keep clean. Once healed the top of a cage could be locked to the ring there. Just wondering if you guys ever heard of anyone doing this? Love your tumblr. Z

I haven’t, interesting idea though. Part of the point of a Prince Albert piercing (yes, he is supposed to have had one!!! No wonder Victoria missed him…) is that it also stimulates him all the time, so not only is he caged absolutely securely but it’s like the tip of my tongue is constantly lapping…






I just got asked how I found a glory hole that’s safe and not full of creepy gross guys.

Good question!

My boyfriend and I made one!

It’s a simple high quality thicker sheet that we cut a hole into, and we hang in a doorway of my home. I can then invite over guys I know, and they can come over in any order between whatever times I tell them I’m free.

I leave my door unlocked at this time, they come in, lock the door behind them, stick their dicks in the hole, and enjoy the blowjob!

If another guy comes over and the door is locked, he waits, discreetly, until the other guy leaves, then he comes in and locks the door behind him.

I can rotate through a handful of guys I date in an hour or two, and it’s super hot to me because, while I know them, I don’t know who specifically is coming in my house at any given minute. Sometimes I recognize their dicks or their moans, and sometimes I don’t. It’s fun!

Other times my boyfriend will set something up with guys I don’t know (but he does), so that’s always fun as it brings in an element of anonymity that I like!

He’s also lined up a mix of guys I know and don’t know, so sometimes I can identify the guy by sucking his cock because I’ve been with him before, but often times I just go into deep cocklust and enjoy the dick without even thinking about who it belongs to…

It’s one of my favorite ways to spend time!


I’m going to do this again this coming weekend, and my clit throbs in anticipation everytime I think about it…



My boyfriend just set it up, and this morning we have 5 guys lined up to make a visit!!

We’re working on more… we’ll see!

Either way, I’ve already soaked my panties. 😆


This is SO FUCKING HOT!!! I love the caption!! I wish I could end up in line at her house!!

The first guy is on his way over right now!!

I’ve been teasing my boyfriend by NOT sucking his beautiful hard dick as we wait.

I take him LAST!!



Making your own gloryhole, by Em



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You wish.


“It would be so great if you could come here and eat my pussy, wouldn’t it, sweety? Eat it a bit, then fuck me hard and fast, let your hard cock empty it’s load into my wet, silky pussy as I’d be cuming too?

It’s just a shame you’re tied to that chair, honey, now the only thing you can do is just sit there and watch me tease you. It must be so frustrating to watch me wave the single thing you want the most in front of your face, and yet there’s nothing you can do about it but watch, dream and hope.

Aww, look at your cock twitch, baby, I better get my vibrator out and have a few orgasms. Who knows, maybe after I’m done I’ll have the energy to edge you a few times.”


“Oh, honey, look how close you are! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten you this close. I bet you want to shoot your load, don’t you? Best not think about how that cum is getting all ready to fly out of your balls.

Now let’s see how long I can keep you on the edge. And no accidents, not even a drop, or we won’t play at all until next week.”