Hiya – inspiring tumblr, ty! So were really enjoying exploring all this but my boyfriend keeps cumming when Im edging him. I do ruin it but I dont want him to at all. Any tips? TY! Zoe

Hiya Zoe,

Yes this is often an issue but it’s pretty easily fixed with a few things. And it’s actually really important as you want him to really feel you’re in charge of him getting his release for not only the full balls to happen, which is super hot, but also for his horniness to really kick in, which is so much fun!

So, you need to set down these rules, and KEEP TO THEM!

I suggest you cuddle next to him while edging him and then tell him ‘how it’s going to be’ and make him agree.

Rule 1: It’s always his fault if he cums. It doesn’t matter if you’re edging him, or he is or if you’re having intercourse or whatever. If he ejaculates, it’s HIS fault. He could have told you to stop, he SHOULD have told you to stop or slow down.

So here’s how we like to play it. If he’s ‘in chastity’ that is, his cock is caged up and has just been let out for playing, then he is NOT allowed to cum without permission. One way we identify that is also we usually leave the base ring of the cage back on him as a cock ring while we play. So that makes doubly sure he knows, if the ring of a cage is around his cock he is not to cum.

The main thing I want to prevent is him ‘sneaking over’ into cumming. So if he gets close he has to ask ‘Can I cum’ or ‘Can I ruin’ if he prefers. 

If he doesn’t ask, or if you say ‘no’ and he goes over anyway, then you need to be pretty strict on imposing a punishment.

What we often do, and probably the best one for many is he has to be ruined, obviously, but then he has to clean up the mess too… Easiest is just to move your cupped hand to catch whatever spurts out and then say ‘open up’ and without much fuss pour it into their mouth and maybe lick your palm.

I didn’t like it much at first, but honestly it’s now become a turn on. A few things helped. Firstly the knowledge that he ALWAYS wants me to swallow it, so it’s just, fair! Secondly I just like it being the fact he’s cleaning up the mess he made. It’s how it should be!

Now, when they’re super horny often the idea of having to swallow their cum actually gets kind of hot for them, which is fascinating. So they might even go over on purpose. And personally, I’m fine with that. They never really want to do it after they have cum, so it’s always a bit of a punishment, but it’s also kind of hot, to me anyway, as I said.

But they only get away with that the first time.

The second time they do it, catch all the cum again, but then wait. Tell them to put the hands behind their head if they don’t happen to be tied up. And after maybe ten seconds, use their cum to give them a hard post orgasm torture wank.

This is pretty brutal, rubbing their cock when it’s most sensitive, and is both amusing and a good punishment!

You’re also free to mix it up, not let him know if he’s going to have to eat it or get jerked off with it, just to keep it fresh (and give you the freedom to do which you fancy).

Other punishments can include rubbing menthol in to their cocks, or putting an elastic band around it and ‘snapping’ the band a few times.

Beyond that, there’s the whole idea of ‘soft edges’ where you just play with his cock but never get him close enough to cum. That’s hot too. Especially effective with him in a cock ring or having taken viagra to keep hard but then never really taken that close.

But also you can deliberately get them soft by playing too gently to let them stay hard, and then tease them about it. That can be very hot! It still feels really good apparently. But you can say ‘must want back in his cage if he’s got small…’

Hope those help!

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