Sorry. Forgot to add the questions. Should I shave when I wear my cage? Is it ok to go for runs wearing it? Will it be painful when I get an erection? What are good ways for my mistress to tease me while I am in it?

Add them to what?

Anyway, in answer to them:

  1. You don’t have to shave but it looks cuter and stops you snagging hairs if you’re using a cage that does that, so it’s often a good plan
  2. You can run as long as the cage is a good fit and you’re wearing tight undies I guess. Hubby does sometimes without a problem.
  3. It’ll hurt a bit when  you get hard as it pulls on your balls but if the cage is small enough you won’t be able to get a full hard on and it’ll be easier – so always go for a snug fit
  4. She can read this blog and get about a thousand ideas

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