So happy to have found your blog~ first of all, thank you for all the work and care you’ve put into it. Question: will plastic one-time numbered locks work on metal cages (is there a brand of plasitc locks where the numbers don’t wash off?) i do long distance chastity, and for reasons of safety, am nervous about mailing the only keys. Alternatively, have you ever used, or might be able to recommend lock-boxes with timers on them? Many Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the question. Yes they’ll work on most cages, apart from the newest ones (which are actually our favourite) that have the drum type lock built in. But any that take padlocks will work with a plastic tab thing. I think that the numbers are embossed into them so can’t wash off, but can’t be sure. We got some free with early cages we bought but have only ever used them for going through airport security.

For lockboxes a friend of ours used a ‘kitchen lock box timer’ from Amazon, seemed to work well. I think they’re designed for putting snacks in when you don’t have enough self control not to eat them, so, similar use really 😛

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