managing blueballs?

Hi Jane, firstly thanks so much for doing his blog! it means a lot that it has been produced without the typical extreme stuff associated with other tumblr chastity blogs. In addition, your female perspective significantly helps us men to encourage our wives/SOs to get involved. Thank you!

So, my very vanilla wife is slowly opening up to my love of chastity, and although she doesn’t want to lock me up long-term, she’s seen the benefits of denying me. Yesterday, whilst I was warming her up, we had a great time, and she teased me with the idea that I might or might not be able to come later today, or maybe tomorrow. This sounded great, and I wanted to encourage it… we continued with the rest of our day (grocery shopping/house-work etc), but I was really struggling with bluebells, and ultimately had to ask to be able to get a release and ease the pain. This felt like I had failed… I wanted to wait, but the aching was too much. would you have any advice for how i could have overcome this better? I don’t want to miss these rare occasions when I’m making great progress down the chastity/T&D road with my wife. Thanks a lot!

Hi there, thanks for the compliments!

In terms of blueballs I didn’t really believe it was such a big thing until hubby made it VERY clear it could be very sore. At first I was very keen to fix it, and if you are then a ruined orgasm is a great way to do it.

Now I find I kind of enjoy being a bit meaner – as hubby likes to complain about stuff like this, and frankly, we have period cramps every month and we live with it! Soooo, while he could still safeword to stop everything of course, if he complains about blueballs my standard response now is… ‘good!’ lol I kind of like them aching, even hurting. And he tells me, when I reply like that, it’s so hot me being mean that he starts enjoying it too! Cool huh!

If it gets really bad then a ruin is a good idea, but I like to make it a bit meaner – so my current favourite is he has to try and cum into his own mouth! This involves him putting his legs up on the bed and then leaning them back over so his cock is near his mouth. It’s as complicated as it sounds, but quite fun. I found a relevant picture – 

A simpler version without the acrobatics is to cum into a shot glass and swallow it.

I didn’t much like that idea at first but after I realised I’d been expected to swallow his cum for YEARS I’ve felt much better about him getting the same treatment now!

A final thing on blue balls is in theory men just pee the excess ejaculate out, so it might be worth just seeing what difference a day or two makes – it’s not like it’s a medical emergency… 

If men had periods –

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