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erotichotnesss: As awkward as it is to get him into this position (we find it best with his back up against the bed) it’s deeply erotic to do to him.All these years of him cumming in my mouth, I just love turning it around on him.The trick is getting him very close before you get…

How often do you make hubby lick up his cum? And how does he feel about it? I’m curious about the mindfuck — the “you can cum if you lick it up” situation.

In reality much less than I threaten to, because that’s the fun bit. I love telling him I’m going to make him do it, I’d do that once or twice a week maybe. Actually once he’s cum and he doesn’t want to, I don’t tend to either. But I feel like I should sometimes just…


Good boy, shoot it all straight in there, see baby, no need for any big mess is there. Aren’t you glad I make you do this every day baby? Of course you are, you’re a very obedient little boy aren’t you.

Impressive aim! That’s the trickiest part. Easier when you just ruin it though… Just saying… Then you can focus on aim instead of wanking it lol