Hi I just asked my wife to do this and I think she might give in I need some material I can give her to read for non physical punishment and how to be somewhat mean she’s to nice lol I think like something you have would be a right fit Pegg and all

‘I think she might give in’…

Okay, let’s get this back to basics. Although it can feel like it, this is not some battle of wills to get her to begrudgingly service your kinks. If that’s how it feels, you’re not there yet. Because unlike a lot of stuff, chastity play has real, genuine benefits that we wives will love if you just sell it to us right.

Secondly, unless SHE has brought up the punishment side of things, leave it the fuck alone for now! You are getting waaaay ahead of yourself. If trying chastity is a push can’t you see that punishments is even further beyond that?

Slow and steady wins the race. Talk to her again about how the idea of chastity turns you on BUT even more importantly, you are sure it will help the intimacy between you grow and help you be a more attentive, loving husband focused on her needs.

And set her a challenge, we like challenges. Ask her to try some tease and denial play for a week, see how it works for you, and then, if that has the positive effects you promised, after you’ll get a simple plastic cock cage, JUST FOR FUN to try out together and for you to see how it actually works in reality.

Your wife is nice, let her continue to be nice for now until she starts to want to experience more of the power rush that this stuff can bring. Give it time, trust me, I’ve been there, it’ll happen. But for now, make sure you focus on what is in it for HER, and take little steps to get there.

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