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Wow! This is amazing. One of those videos that made me wish I had the cock! lol

Great teasing technique, the use of hands and mouth, most of her lips. The mix of her focusing on his cock with some eye contact too.

I think what’s best about it though is she looks as though she’s doing it for HER pleasure. Because she loves how a cock feels in her hand and on her lips. So great!

I was thinking the other day about why I love hubby going down on me so much more than i used to. I mean it always felt good (although he has got even better) – but what makes it even better now is knowing that because his cock is caged it makes him ache to go down on me, to taste me and pleasure me, that he’s getting off on it nearly as much as I am, so I can just lie back and relax and enjoy it even more!


Yes Daddy Sir.

Aww, all you poor guys with your cocks locked up. Can you even imagine how good this would feel or have you forgotten by now?

You’re very creative with your teasing, I struggle to come up with ideas. Do you think you can post some things I could send my partner it would be really helpful, ty. (We are loving caging him so thanks for the great blog!)

You’re very welcome, it’s lots of fun to write! And that’s a great idea! Do check the ‘Scripts’ page which has lots of ideas in it. But I’ll see if I can come up with some specific posts with idea for you to pick from! Remember one of the best ways to do this is create a…


His locked up cock is bigger than my husband’s erection. *Sigh*

This such a perfect concept… promising him anal in return for him being locked up. In one fell swoop you’ve become the kinkiest and most teasing woman he could possibly imagine!

Well that’s what Locktober is for!

What’s fabulous about this journey of exploration is it’s often the guys who think they know what they want and who are interested in it. But once it really happens, and us keyholders figure out quite how powerful it is, the lessons really begin!


Thanks for your hard work here. My wife & I started with a cb6ks last year (bad fit) and have moved on to cheap Chinese cages (better). I am at 5 wks today & she’s going to continue thru Locktober. I’ve never gone more than 4 weeks before this. She’s not into the tease part, so it can be tough at times. Any advice on helping her give that a try?

Oh that is tricky as I do think teasing is a big part of it, although having said that I’ve never locked hubby up for that long without it, maybe something magical happens? It’s hard to give good advice without knowing more about your situation – whether she is into caging you but not teasing,…

Hello, I had a quick question about chastity devices.I was looking to get on for my BF and I really like the look of the silicone ones. However my BF is well endowed and I was wondering if you had any suggestions on where to find plastic cages larger then what seems to be the standard (CB 6000 etc) as most seem to be made smaller. Thanks!

Well firstly, lucky you 😛 That is what we call a happy problem! We’ve never used the silicon chastity devices. They all seem a bit floppy and while they’d be fun for just playing, In all the reviews/advice I’ve read, no one has recommended them for serious chastity play. I think if there was any…