Some great deals in a weekend sale from Lovehoney (US)

Just a quick head’s up, Lovehoney US has got a half price sale on till Sunday night. It includes two penis extenders that we were writing about recently so might be worth checking out!

Lovehoney Half Price Sex Toy Sale – USA

They’ve got a few notable items worth checking out:

This extender with a vibrator in it too is interesting. I’d guess the vibe isn’t great and not sure what it’d add but the extender is the same as we have besides that and highly recommended!

They have the black one too without the vibe in it reduced to $20

And some of you might like this:

Looks kind of big though, wow… 12 good items half price, so definitely worth having a look! Plus Lovehoney give us a small commission so no pressure but you’re supporting the blog if you buy from them! Thank you!!!!

Here’s the link to the sale page – it expires tomorrow midnight

Lovehoney Half Price Sex Toy Sale – USA

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