It’s Black Friday for Sex Toys too!


I was wondering when this would happen, and it has. Lovehoney’s got on the Black Friday bandwagon, hurrah.

As it says below, the deals change three times a day. I’ll keep an eye out for particularly good ones but I thought you might like to know about it too. Here’s a banner I blatantly stole from their email to make me look professional.

Find out what their latest deals are

Right now the US site has my favourite rechargeable bullet vibe reduced from $40 to $27.99, which is a bargain.

The Rocks Off Ignition Rechargeable Bullet Vibe

You can read more about it on our recommended sex toys page

If you find a good deal post it in the notes so people see it!

There’s also an additional 20% off if you buy two vibes (get a wand, a WAND I tell you – $40 off atm) and that should stack with Black Friday prices (US and UK only, maybe?)

Plus 20% off for buying two bondage items too, but it’s not a huge range included. I guess that might change every day? Dunno. Right now the male crotchless latex open leotard is included… 

…and I was wondering what to wear for Christmas with the in-laws

Lovehoney Black Friday Deals – don’t miss out

I was just going to post about this but I’ll steal this one instead as I’m loving the leotard, lol

I had a quick browse and the 3 inch extender that we really like is currently half price (and it’s the one that vibrates, fancy!!!) £35 reduced to £17.50 but that might end at 6pm I guess?

Penis Extenders at Lovehoney

And in general they’ve got a 25% off if you buy two extension or enlarging toys, which could be useful!! lol

‘I know it aches, but I like big cocks and this makes it bigger, doesn’t it! Yes it’ll get smaller when we take it off so we’ll just leave it in there for now, I like how it looks. It doesn’t matter you can’t touch it, you weren’t going to cum anyway.’

Regarding the leotard though, no thanks BUT on our friend Emma’s advice we did buy a pair of cut out briefs:

and they honestly look so hot with him in a cage too. it just sticks out so perfectly when caged through the hole. It’s the only male ‘sexy undies’ that I’ve ever found remotely erotic. They’re in the 20% off bondage sale mentioned above.

If hubby ever has cause to wear a kilt he is TOTALLY wearing these underneath!

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