Where did you find the first image of your header? I’ve been looking for the second and fourth cage models for months! Great blog btw


They’re all available from Lovehoney – the second one is just the standard sized CB-6000 model and the last one is called The Curve I think, it’s for biiiig cocks as far as I can see.

Lovehoney Cock Cages

While you can get these cheaper as chinese knock offs we do highly recommend Lovehoney because they offer a no questions guarantee – so you can try out the cage, and simply send it back or change it out without any problems – which is really useful when you’re trying cages as some just fit and some don’t. Also the fake one we once bought split while he was wearing it and you should have heard him yell when it pinched him, it actually drew blood. Not cool (but quite funny).

The bonus with any of these CB ones is that they have a clever fitting system with different size rings and spacers so you get about 25 different size options by mixing them all up.

The CB6000S was the first one we ever tried and we still use it sometimes because while metal ones are great, I find the whole transparent thing really sexy when he’s trying to get hard, just completely encased and unable to touch at all. Plus if he’s got to go through a metal detector it’s what he wears for obvious reason.

They’re a great starting point, even if you graduate to metal ones later, so give it a go!

Jane xxx

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