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You recommendation of the girthy king cock was bang on. I was finally able to fit it (anal! 😳) yesterday. My goodness..! So big, so full but mind blowing! I can’t wait to try it again. Thank you!!

Wow, I haven’t even TRIED that in my bum! I do threaten hubby with it sometimes though, lol But yes, it’s beautiful isn’t it! King Cock Extra Girthy from Lovehoney Goes brilliantly in their strap on which is currently on sale for just £20! (The dildo that comes with THAT is so nice too, and perfect…

Does your hubby enjoy anal play (receiving end)? I’m considering surprising my hubby with a butt plug, but I’m not sure how it’ll go while he’s caged.

It goes really well! Unlike us, men actually have the prostate up there and so with some practise, most of them can even cum from the right stimulation up their bum!  You have to get one that fits well though. Not too thin or it feels like it’s slipping out all the time. We have…

Miss and Myself have recently purchased an extender from Lovehoney and only got around to using it for the firs time last night. It was honestly incredible, the ability to absorb all her pleasure free from the distraction of my own was genuinely beautiful. We followed your locktober last year (sans hardware) so wanted to say hey and get an extender!

Thank you! We love our extender too! I’ve been planning some size teasing recently and getting him to wear the extender during the day and out to dinner or with friends is definitely part of it. But also just acting like it’s his cock, sucking, wanking it, drives him crazy, as he can just feel…

Perfectly close enough I’d say! 

I’m torn between loving these extenders (currently half price at Lovehoney, at least in the UK) versus him caged with a strap on. 

Heck, I love them both. This one gives him some stimulation but it’s thick rubber so not enough to cum unless he’s been well edged. In theory he’s inside you, but bigger, and longer, and he can’t feel much, but you, you can feel everything.

The other fun thing you can do with them is make him wear it, just during the day! Pretend he’s got a bigger cock, touch it, comment on it. I haven’t yet but I want to take him somewhere like a spa and pick out swimwear that makes it subtly obvious…

Although I’ve seen a few pictures, you can’t easily stretch one of these over a cock cage though. For that you need the strap on (make sure it’s one like this though, with two straps, one for each thigh, not just one going underneath – that lets his caged cock just hang perfectly under the big strap on, like a perfect aching set of balls.


And of course, with the strap on, you can use something really big

In between the pillows she’d placed the fake pussy, in the condom she’d poured the numbing cream. He had five minutes to cum. If he did, he’d drink it, if he didn’t she’d lock him back up. It was win win, hot and hilarious in the best way.

‘You’re not allowed to make a mess in my pussy any more, are you baby… so make the most of this fake pussy, mine is just for licking and big toys now darling’

It seemed to make him even more desperate to hear this, but she still didn’t think he’d cum. If he did, she’d give him 3 minutes the next time…

Lovehoney have a great offer on the Thrust Pro male masturbators, 2 for $30 or £20 or $40 Aus – and they are really, really good. We’ve had other ones before but a friend recommended these very highly. Two for that price is amazing, and so good for edging and teasing – not to mention post orgasm torture.

Check out the range here Thrust Pro Offer on Lovehoney

We recommend the Eva as the favourite, but the one with a pussy one end and ass the other is a great idea too!

Just got this amazing offer through from Lovehoney (only US I think)

Free Couples Sex Toy Kit

A vibrator, plug, vibrating cock ring, bondage tape, rope, paddle and blindfold was pretty damn good value for $70 but to get all that free is CRAZY.

These kind of things tend to run out of stock fast so don’t miss out (and remember you get a year to return anything for a full refund so you can’t really go wrong…)