Locktober Day 9

Lock-up begins!

So, here we are, the first day of a week long lock up. Certainly this is the longest my hubby will ever have been like this – the most we’ve ever done is two nights so this is new ground for me too.

The challenge is going to be keeping him, and making him even more, horny despite being unable to get his cock out or edge him. The fun twist, that he shouldn’t know, is that we aren’t going to bother with that at all until tomorrow, after all he’s been edged most days for the last week!

So today’s pretty simple, have some fun teasing him through the day, dress up cute, play with his nipples, send sexy messages to him and post really kinky things to your shared tumblr. (Some hot ones about realising the benefits of keeping him in chastity would go down well I’m sure 😀  )

You can even make hints about how wonderful tonight is going to be and how excited you are about it. What he doesn’t know is you mean how wonderful for you!

So here’s the suggested routine, ask him to run you a bath, enjoy that, when you’re both in bed, get him to strip down to his cage, ask him how he’s doing with the idea he won’t be out for a whole week as he rubs your feet or your back.

Then tell him you want to cum three times before you sleep, be more directive if you want, hand, then mouth then strap on for example if you fancied a fucking, or just leave him to improvise.

If you want to grab his caged cock, go for it, if you want to tease or touch or kiss, great, but he does NOT come out of his cage and the emphasis should be entirely on your pleasure. If you just want to lie back and read a book as he kneels between your legs, just tell him. Oh and if you enjoyed putting a plug in him yesterday then feel free!

And that’s it, snuggle up with his frustrated, locked up cock pressed into you and fall asleep smiling at what a wonderful thing you’ve discovered in caging up hubby! Oh and feel free to mention you’d like a morning licking too.

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