Locktober Day 15

So, bit of a trick today… he expects to be denied and caged until tomorrow, but we are going to surprise him!

So this evening, spend some time teasing and denying him, make sure he’s going down on you of course. But then restrain and blindfold him (it’ll make the sensations more intense – but make sure he’s washed it well first).

Then surprise him by taking off the cage and spending a long time playing with his poor denied cock. I’m sure he’ll be much more appreciative of it now!

Play with him as long as you want, and then you have a decision to make. You can leave him like that, or if you want to, surprise him even more with his first ruined orgasm! Of course, you don’t tell him you’re going to ruin it. Play act that you’ve had enough of this denial and that he’s done so well being locked up that you think he should cum.

Get him right to the edge, enjoying asking for permission, and then, take him over, and either let go or slide your hand right to the base of his cock and hold it there ) so you can direct it) and watch him empty two weeks worth of cum all over wherever you point it! Absolutely no stimulation allowed once he begins the orgasm – and as simple as that, he has his first ruined one of Locktober. It’ll leave him desperate, frustrated and within about 30 mins to an hour, just as horny as he was before – awesome!

He’ll be ruined every evening until the end of the month now, so he better get used to it!

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