Locktober Day 16

To ruin, or not…

I hope they all enjoyed the surprise ruined orgasm yesterday and have shown their appreciation suitably!

Ruined orgasms can have very different effects, both with the same man and it seems, between them. The idea is, of course, that he stays horny while you get to enjoy him cumming – a pure win-win. However perhaps you’ve seen less of the benefits of keeping him caged today after his release, and if that’s the case then do feel completely free to NOT allow him to cum at all today – something I’d suggest you only inform him of right at the last minute when he expects to cum – it’ll have the most impact at that point.

Tonight you’re to edge him first, not restrained, just playing, and once he’s pretty excited, direct him down between your legs as you read one of my earlier posts – The Ruined Orgasm Challenge. I suggest you read them all through, perhaps aloud as he licks you to orgasm, and then decide which you’d like to inflict on him, if any… tonight.

Avoid the last one, we’ll save that for another day… but personally I’ll be going for #2 or #7 – using my mouth and hands to tease him but making him ruin it as he climaxes by removing al stimulation. 

To add to the fun, and the difference between them is that for number 7 I then keep the cum in my mouth and empty it into his and make him swallow it. The best way to do this is tell him your plans while he’s on the edge, and make him agree to it – ‘if not, you don’t get to cum at all – so, will you swallow your cum tonight or not cum – tell me’ kind of thing – super hot!

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