Why small penis humiliation is hot–A man’s perspective

I saw that you were confused as to why a man would want his cock size ridiculed. As a submissive male, I wanted to shed some light on the link. Of course, what’s true for me isn’t true for everyone, but hopefully this will help the women out there understand their men better.

The reason chastity is so hot for a lot of men is because we can’t orgasm without a refractory period. If we cum, we crash down from this huge high. So instead, some of us ask to be teased and denied for long periods of time. It’s the closest a man can get to bring multiorgasmic, in a way.

That said, cumming still feels really, REALLY good. (Obviously!) Not all men have the self control to keep themselves from spilling over the edge. That’s where you, the Mistress, comes in. He’s asking you to take total control of his sex life, because it’s so much hotter if he doesn’t control his own orgasms. He stays on edge all the time, knowing that it’s up to you to decide when (if?) he gets to cum.

Did you notice the word I kept using? Control. Men who enjoy chastity want their women to take total control. He doesn’t *want* control of his orgasms anymore! He wants YOU to control them, make them a difficult to earn reward.

…But since this is his fantasy (usually anyway), the woman is often bewildered. Even when she goes along, she often doesn’t know what to do. So the guy gives her ideas…but now it’s “topping from the bottom”. He still enjoys it, but not nearly as much.

Hes not just craving you nominally controlling him. He wants you to truly and thoroughly dominate. He desires no doubts about who’s in charge sexually.

Now, blame it on the culture or the porn or whatever, but men tend to be very self conscious about their dick sizes. Overt size comparison rarely happens in the locker room for fear of being called gay, but men are constantly sneaking peaks at each other, comparing himself to the other men. And of course in conversation, men love to brag to each other about their (exaggerated) dimensions.

The result? Men place a lot of sexual ability and CONTROL on the size of their cocks. If you ridicule his size, you chip away at one of his foundational reasons to believe he’s still really in charge. After all, if he can’t please you with his tiny cock, what reason does he have to believe that you’ll ever let him fuck you like a real man again? Now he has a new, strong reason to really BELIEVE it when you tease that you only need his face now.

Which, as you do already know, makes him even hornier.

Sorry this was so long, but I think it was important to first examine the base desires in chastity before I could explain sph. Hope this helps! In summary: A tiny dick can’t please you. If it can’t please you, you don’t need to give him his cummies. If he honestly believes cummies won’t come, he gets much hornier…

…And a horny sub is a happy sub. 😉

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